Changing/Updating your contacts

Changing contact information or replacing administrative, technical, or invoicing contacts in your .lu domain name

Free of charge

Three different contacts are assigned to a domain name: an administrative contact, a technical contact and an invoicing contact. Each one has a different role. Their roles range from online management and classic management.

In all cases, contact information must be kept up to date in order to avoid any interruption to the proper management of a domain name. Timely notification should be provided of any change (new address, new email, new telephone number). Similarly, the registrar should be notified as soon as there is a change in any of the contacts of a domain name


  • You update details about the administrative, technical, and invoicing contacts
  • You ensure that the information provided is accurate
  • You ensure continuity of communication between the registrar and, in some cases, .lu's registrar, and between each contact

How to benefit?

In your account, go to the 'My Domain Names' section and then click on the details button (an eye symbol) beside the relevant domain name to view its registered information.

If you are changing one of the contacts    

These changes will affect all the domain names connected to the contact.    

Go to the 'My Contacts' section and then click on the details button (an eye symbol) beside the relevant contact.

Update the incorrect information then click on 'Update'.

If you are replacing one of your contacts

This function is exactly the same as that for adding or deleting contacts. In the event of deleting, only contacts that are no longer connected to any domain name may be deleted.   

Select the new contact in the dropdown list for contacts to be replaced, then click on 'Update the Domain Name'.

If you do not find your contact, create a new one under 'My Contacts' and then start again.

Additional information

  • Before being designated as a 'contact', relevant parties involved in the management of the domain name must have been notified in advance and apprised of their role. The administrative contact must, moreover, have a power of attorney from the holder for the purposes of the management of the domain name.
  • The same person involved in the management of the domain name can be the administrative and / or the technical and / or the invoicing contact.
  • Contact information are categorised as personal data and therefore subject to French law on data protection and to the General Regulations on Data Protection (GRDP).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I find out who is the registered invoicing contact?

  • With classic management, contact the registry for a copy of the initial registration or most the recent invoice.
  • With online management, in the registration platform in the 'My domain names' category, the manager of the account can view the relevant contacts for each individual domain name.

What can I do if the invoicing contact or manager does not pay?

This may occur, particularly if contact information are not accurate or if the individual responsible for payment is unavailable. You can take some simple steps to avoid your domain name from being deleted. 

  • With classic management, you should submit a contact information update request if it is inaccurate, or replace the invoicing contact.
  • With online management, check, and if necessary, replace the account manager with any person who is able to pay via credit card.
Changing/Updating a holder

Changing entered contact details for a domain name holder.

Free of charge

The contact details for a domain name holder may change at any time. We should be notified of moves, changes of address, or changes in a telephone number.

Sometimes there are bigger changes, particularly for companies, institutions, or organisations. Their corporate name or legal form can change over the years.


  • You update your domain name holder's contact details
  • You ensure that the information provided is accurate

How to benefit?

In the case of a change in telephone number, email, or physical address  

Contact details may be changed directly in your online account. 

In your account, go to the 'My Holders' section and then click on the details button (an eye symbol) beside the relevant holder.

Update the incorrect information and then click on 'Update'.

In the event of changing the corporate name and/or legal form    

These details cannot be changed in the online account. In the event of a change in the corporate name or the holder's legal form being amended, the holder must provide supporting documentation for the name change to the registry, in writing as a hard copy.

All useful supporting documentation (trade registry, legal deed, etc.) should be attached to the request sent via email to or by post.

Additional information

  • A change in a holder's contact details is allowed, with the exception of a change of the holder themselves. In this event, the domain name may be traded to a new holder.
  • Changing a holder's details will apply to all of the domain names assigned to them.

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