Online management enables .lu domain names to be registered and then managed via an online platform.

The main advantage of this lies in its 24/7 accessibility and in its wider range of functions offered compared with classic management.

Why should I use online management?

  • You can register and manage your domain names at any time without needing paper forms.
  • You can manage domain names for several holders
  • You can pay for transactions by credit card (directly in your account)

If you cannot effect payment yourself, if your payment must be subject to the prior receipt of an invoice or if you can pay only by wire transfer, you should select classic management.

How do I use online management?

Set up an account on the online registration platform or delegate a person to oversee the management of the account connected to your domain name.

Register and then manage all of your domain names directly from the online account you set up.

Who does what with online management?

Icône gestionnaire

Account manager

  • They have all the codes and access rights to the online platform.
  • They alone can access and carry out all operations available on the online platform on behalf of one or more domain name holders.

Domain name holder

They own the rights to the domain name(s) assigned to them.

Contact administratif

Administrative contact

  • They are legal representatives of the domain name holder

  • They appoint the technical and invoicing contacts

  • They validate management transfer operations.

Contact facturation

Invoicing contact

Their contact details are listed on invoices.

Contact technique

Technical contact

They ensure the compliance of technical requirements needed for the proper functioning of the domain name.

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How do I know if my proposed domain name is available?

Search for your domain name (without .lu) in the domain name search on our website. The results will confirm whether the name is available or not. If it is available, you can register it by selecting the management that is best for you: classic management or online management. 

I manage my domain names via an online registration platform but I would like to move to classic management. Is this possible?

No, unfortunately not. Only migration from classic management to online management is possible.