A domain name is governed by several operations. All these actions can be carried out independently of the type of management chosen.


Once the domain name is registered, in accordance with the general principles set out by the .lu registry for one or two years, depending on the selected management option, it will be renewable on expiry.


The registered domain name is used, in particular, for website or email inbox addressing. For the registration and configuration of DNS servers, even the use of the third-party providers is necessary. 


Domain names are invisible on the Internet. No practical use is made. 


The domain name is transferred from one .lu accredited registrar to another. It may therefore be transferred to Restena or go from Restena to another .lu accredited registrar. 

Any transfers will be overseen by the new registrar, in accordance with the rules set out by the .lu registry.


A domain name is transferred by its current holder to a new holder (another entity or natural person). The transfer is overseen by the registrar responsible for the domain name, in accordance with the rules set out by the .lu registry.


The technical and administrative details of a domain name registered with our registrar may be changed at any time. These details may concern:

  • configuring DNS servers
  • changing and updating contact details
  • assigning administrative, technical, and invoicing contacts,
  • hosting and delegation (online only),
  •  details about the signed delegation (DNSSEC),
  • changing management type (from 'classic' management to only online management),
  • the manager of an online account.

At the end of the subscription period, a domain name will be renewed by its holder on a regular expiry date. This is not automatic and the renewal is subject to the payment of a new subscription period of one or two years.

  • A domain name is deleted by its holder before the end of the subscription period.
  • The domain name will be deleted when it is not renewed at the end of the subscription period.

A deleted domain name will be available for registration to the public after 30 days, a period that is termed quarantine.


If, at the end of a subscription period, a domain name is not renewed, due to a forgotten payment for example, the former holder has 30 days in which to recover and re-register it. Restoration is possible during the domain name's quarantine period (30 days after its deletion).