All actions carried out in classic management are made using form submission.

To ensure that you receive an optimal and speedy response, these forms should be filled in as correctly as possible.


 Key features

  • The central role of the administrative contact

All forms should be signed by the person assigned as the administrative contact of the domain name for which an operation is requested. The administrative contact data must therefore always be up to date.

  • A complete form will save you time

Incorrectly filling in forms may result in the loss of crucial time in processing your requests because of time needed to correct missing or mistaken information. An incomplete, inaccurate, or illegible form is liable to be rejected by the registrar. 

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How do I find out if there are any outstanding invoices for my domain names?

If you are unsure whether you have any outstanding invoices for one of your domain names:

  • with classic management, check whether your invoicing contacts have received any reminders for unpaid invoices;
  • with online management, go to the 'My domain names' category in your account and check your domain names listed as 'WHAT?' indicating that an invoice is outstanding.

Why are emails and/or websites related to my domain name not working?

There are several possible reasons. The main ones are as follows:

  • Your domain name has expired.
  • Your name servers are incorrect or not working.
  • Your domain name was not activated because incorrect technical information was provided at registration.

Web hosting also plays a crucial role in the running of your email and sites. We recommend that you check with your host that they are working properly.