As part of its management activities for the .lu domain names registration infrastructure, the Restena Foundation acts as a registrar.

Registrar for the .lu registry

We are the registrar for the .lu registry. The original sole registrar for .lu from 1992 to 2006, we carried on this role even after the implementation of the ‘registry/registrar’ model which authorised over 50 accredited registrars to manage .lu and join us in marketing .lu domain names.

This additional activity enables us, as a registrar, to retain strong links to both registrars' operations and to customers, whether individuals or institutions, which entrust their .lu domain management to us.

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A registrar dedicated solely to .lu

We deal exclusively with the management of .lu registered domain names. We are not accredited to manage the domain names of other zones.

The fees paid transaction to our registrar are, moreover, solely to cover fees relating to name management (maintenance and registration).

The specific case of the Restena community

The Restena Foundation manages the national network for research and education in Luxembourg. All institutions that are part of this community - that is, institutions located in Luxembourg that are involved in education, research, culture, health, and management and that have access to the services of the Restena Foundation - enjoy a special rate.

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