The online platform, accessible 24 hours a day and seven days a week, is dedicated to current management of .lu domain names.

The online .lu domain names registration and management platform is the central nexus for any account manager delegated by a domain name holder to carry out all current management of domain names, 24/7.


  • You manage operations on an individual basis by domain name.
  • You locate your domain name holders.
  • You manage, change, edit, update your contacts.
  • You view invoices and download them after payment.
  • You pay for online transactions.
  • You contact the registrar's team via an integrated message centre.
  • You use DNS servers offered free of charge by Restena.
  • You benefit from DNSSEC security for your domain names (included by default when using Restena DNS servers).

Do you want to create an account?

Consult our general terms and conditions, and then choose a username and create your account. Setting up an account is free.

Info ! Contact your providers or suppliers in order to manage services connected to using your domain name that we do not provide, such as website hosting and email addresses.

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How do I find out if there are any outstanding invoices for my domain names?

If you are unsure whether you have any outstanding invoices for one of your domain names:

  • with classic management, check whether your invoicing contacts have received any reminders for unpaid invoices;
  • with online management, go to the 'My domain names' category in your account and check your domain names listed as 'WHAT?' indicating that an invoice is outstanding.

I created a account. Where are my login details?

To activate a account, the registration platform sends an email with an activation link to the manager's email address that was provided when the account was created. The activation of the account generates a second email containing the password enabling you to access your account. It is therefore problematic if these emails are not received. Consequently it is crucial that:

  • you can access the email address provided while signing up,
  • the email address has been entered correctly.  

If this is not the case, we recommend that you create a new account with the correct address.

Your anti-virus software and/or your spam filters may also prevent emails from being received. Check your spam folder and that your software/firewalls are functioning properly. If the issue persists, please contact us.

I can no longer access my online account, can you help me?

There are several possible reasons why you cannot log in to your account: 

  • You are not using the correct password, or login, for the account that you are trying to log into.
  • Your login is invalid.
  • Your login has been entered incorrectly (order of characters, etc.).
  • Your password has been spelt wrong, the wrong case has been used, etc.
  • Your browser does not accept cookies.

Other more general explanations may explain your login problem:

  • Your Internet connection has been lost or is very slow. 
  • A firewall installed on your computer is blocking connection.

In these cases, we recommend that you contact your Internet Service Provider for help.

Why isn't the password to my account working?

When you connect to your online registration platform, check the following:

  • Make sure that the Caps Lock key on your keyboard is not on.
  • Enter your password with the correct lower- and upper-case letters that you originally set.
  •  If you manage several accounts, you will have as many matching logins. Make sure that you are not trying to connect using a password from one of these other accounts.
  • Check that your browser accepts cookies.
  • Make sure that any antivirus software installed on your computer is not blocking connection.

If the issue persists, you might have forgotten your password. You can recover it by clicking on 'Forgotten Password'.

Why are the menu buttons not displayed on my screen on my online account?

Your Internet browser might need updating. Make sure that you are using the latest version of your browser and update it, if necessary. 

Why can't I find my domain name nor any contact details in my online account?

One person may manage several accounts on the registration platform and therefore have several logins. This is probably the issue. Make sure that you log in with the login for the domain that you are trying to access.

Why are emails and/or websites related to my domain name not working?

There are several possible reasons. The main ones are as follows:

  • Your domain name has expired.
  • Your name servers are incorrect or not working.
  • Your domain name was not activated because incorrect technical information was provided at registration.

Web hosting also plays a crucial role in the running of your email and sites. We recommend that you check with your host that they are working properly.