With the update of my.lu/online general terms and conditions, online account managers are notified of the forthcoming expiry of their .lu domain names on D-60, D-15 and D-5.

In November 2023, a new version of ‘Terms and conditions of the Online Platform for the registration and management of .lu Domain Names’ applies to online account managers.

The current managers are invited to read and accept those new terms and conditions.

What has changed?

No key element has been adjusted. Only the frequency of domain name expiry notifications is affected by the update (article 2.6. within the terms and conditions) From now on, online account managers are notified 60, 15 and 5 days before the expiry of their domain name.

They so have extra time, particularly for the last reminder, to retain their rights to the domain name in their possession and ensure the continuity of the website and / or email addresses connected to their domain name.