From Tuesday 13 June 2023, the modernised online .lu domain names registration and management platform is more intuitive, more user-friendly and more secure.

After many years of service, the online platform dedicated to the day-to-day management of .lu domain names is giving way to a new version adapted to current standards, aimed at a smoother, more intuitive online user experience and integrated into the registrar business universe updated in January 2022.

A more secure management environment

Two-factor authentication is now required to create and access a user account. Two proofs of identity are now required:

  • the first, based on a username and password;
  • the second, based on a one-time code sent by email by default, but which can be replaced by any of the other authentication methods offered on the platform.

Managers of the old platform must reset their password

When logging in to the new version of for the first time, managers of the old platform will have to reset their passwords to access their accounts. To do this, each manager will be asked to:

  • have their account username ready ; 

  • follow the 'Forgot your password ?' procedure.

Read the detailed procedure

A smoother ordering process

The new ordering process proposed to account managers is divided into five steps:

  1. Assignment of the holder;
  2. Assignment of contacts;
  3. Definition of the technical data (server and delegation information and, if necessary, DNS records);
  4. Viewing and checking data;
  5. Choosing a payment method.

A personalised dashboard

The home page linked to the platform alerts the account manager to domain names that require special attention. This dashboard allows the Account Manager to view: 

  1.  domain names that are due to expire within 3 months and need to be renewed if they wish to keep them;
  2. domain names that have recently been withdrawn from their account or for which the operation ordered failed.

Additionnal payment options (from the end of June 2023)

Account managers will be able to select additional operators and payment options at the time of purchase. By the end of June 2023, the operator PayPal will integrate the platform and the electronic payment Payconiq should also be added to the existing options before the end of 2023.